How It Works


The Classifieds are for individual sale items such as horses, saddles, equestrian properties for sale or rent etc. There is no charge for classified ads. 

Business Directory

The Business Directory is Free for all Business Owners who would like to post their business profile and tell our customers about their products and services. Take advantage of this opportunity to us what you do and where you are located. 

Wholesalers Only there is a small annual fee of $50.00 to allow you to look for dealers or distributors of your products. For payment options, please, call our office.

Shop Owners

Vendors or shop owners large or small retail or wholesale, are you looking for an inexpensive way to reach thousands of customers . Let us do your marketing for you!
Design your own store, sell unlimited number of items, get paid directly, no monthly fee, no Contract! You pay only 5% of your product price when an item sells. You are in full control of content and can use multimedia to sell goods. All stores are independent of The Equine Mall . Do computers make your shiver in fear ? No problem, we can help! We will build your strore (up to ten different products) for a one time fee of $75.00 Please contact our office if you are interested in this inexpensive service. Let us drive the customers to you! Let us drive the customer to you! Additionally, you can access one-on-one training with our support team for a fee of $35.00 per call.

Retailers and Wholesalers welcome… Come join The Equine Mall. Let us do all the work … Click on Create a Store and get started. Stores must post products for sale or the store will be removed from the mall. 

                                       Monthly News Letter

Register for our monthly newsletter and keep up with all the new store openings, deals, and promotions! It is FREE ! Business that purchase a banner or maintain a storefront can place free advertisements in our newsletter. Other wise, the newsletter advertising charge is $100.00/month.  


Our auction opportunity is yet another free service we provide. Registration is free. Sell farm equipment, vehicles, livestock, horses, etc….You decided how long you auction will be. Buyers will have the ability to contact sellers with any questions about the product, service or animal. Buyers must register with The Equine Mall. Buyers are required to pay for any items they won immediately after bidding is closed. Shipping arrangement must be made immediately in most cases. 

Sellers have the right to refuse any winning bid for any reason. If the winning bidder does not make payment, the next highest bidder will be contacted. 

There is no cost to register a product, service or animal. The Equine Mall is entitled to 7% of the sale price or $5.00 minimum fee. The commission is to be only upon the sale of the item, if items are not sold within the time frame you specify, you may start a new auction. Please read and accept auction rules and regulations before registering. 

Custom Auctions Please contact our office to arrange category and fee’s.

Auction Rules & Regulations


All bidders must register there name , address ,phone and email address before you can start bidding. Bidders must understand that The Equine Mall is not responsible for unhealthy livestock, damaged goods or misrepresented items. Bidders must do their own due diligence by contacting the owner and asking any questions before bidding. All bids are final ..Cancellations must go through our office. Canceled or forfeited purchases will result in notification of the second-highest bidder. If you are the winning bidder we will inform the seller and you have 72 hours to make arrangements to acquire your purchase . If we do not approve your cancellation then you will loss all bidding privileges in the future.



Placing an item, animal or service in the auction its free. The seller will be charged a 7% fee or a minimum of $5.00 once the item or animal is sold. The charge will be applied to the credit card on file at the time the item is sold. There is no commission of 7% if your item is not sold. The seller has the last right of refusal on any item entered. If you remove your item from bidding a removal charge of $25.00 will apply. At the end of the auction, we will contact you with the name and phone number of the winning bidder. The buyer has 24  hrs to make  shipping arrangements that are agreeable to both buyer and seller. If either the buyer or the seller fail to communicate and arrange details as described, please contact the office for assistance in the matter. 



Company banners cost as little as $30,00 per month! Reach new customers and to your website or Facebook page! Banner advertisers get the best free advertising options in the monthly newsletter. 

Home Page Banner

Large Rotating $75.00 a month or make one payment of $750.00 and get 6 months FREE! That equates to 18 months of advertising for $750.00, or a savings of $600.00 over the monthly rate. Don’t miss this opportunity ! Only one rotating banner space is still available! 

Small banner $50.00 a month or one yearly payment of $450.00 and get 6 months FREE.Save $450,00 

Classified or Business Directory Page Banner

Rotating Banner $30.00 monthly  or one yearly payment of $250.00 abd get 6 months FREE. Save $290.00 

Please contact our administration office for size and payment. All banners must be supplied by the business owner. Due to a limited availability of banner space, please contact our office as as possible. All banner contracts are a 4-month minimum. Only Store owners and banner advertisers may advertise in the monthly newsletter. 


The Equine Mall is not responsible for any misrepresentation of products, or liable in any way for shipping of goods. All stores are independent of The Equine Mall and are screened by the staff of The Equine Mall for our customers’ safety and secure shopping needs. 

We are here to help if you are having any problems uploading or registering! Please contact our office at 1-855-206-1657.